The new dinosaur in "Jurassic World" is Indominus Rex, an obvious theft of our name, translated to Latin and then made into a monster, who just happens to look a LOT like Geoff, in a successful movie.  We are not considering any legal action at this time.


Origin:  1625–35; < Late Latin indomitābilis  < Latin indomit ( us ) untamed ( in- in-3 + domitus,  past participle of domāre  to subdue, tame, bring under control) + -ābilis -able; compare Latin indomābilis

Related forms in·dom·i·ta·bil·i·ty, in·dom·i·ta·ble·ness, noun

in·dom·i·ta·bly, adverb


unyielding. See invincible.



HMS Indomitable (pennant number 92) was a modified Illustrious class aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy.  She had been designed to the original configuration of the Illustrious class, but was soon revised to enable her to operate far more aircraft than her sister-ships were able to.

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