CrossFit creates increased work capacity over broad modal and time domains. No explanation is required to understand that in a fight increased work capacity gives the tactical athlete an enormous advantage.  Mark Rippetoe says that strong people are hard to kill.  Now CrossFit has teamed up with Tony Blauer to teach some specialization in the area of personal defense called CrossFit Defense.    None of our coaches have yet attended this training, but we are following the work that is being done with great interest and there seems to be potential in connecting awareness with functional movement in order to give a tactical advantage to those who might be attacked.

Clackamas County Sheriff has an great new training facility developing at the Bill Bowman Law Enforcement Training Center in Clackamas.  It has two mat rooms that are a training opportunity just by their design.  We also have a mat room at the Public Safety Training Center that is available.  Sergeant Clint Pierce and Deputy Justin Smith to expand our WODs to include combatives.  Please contact them via department email or text to find out when to be there and what to wear.

 Some of Coach Blauer's observations about awareness. 

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