Bottom Line:  There is no amount of working out that will make up for your eating garbage.  Food is your fuel and in many ways a drug.  Do you want to make it something that makes you healthier or just the carbohydrate version of crack cocaine?  Eat less food in general while trying to make sure that the food you eat is as nutritionally dense as possible.  


We don't suggest that Paleo or Zone are the only answers, but they are very good solutions for many people.

Eating right takes work, education and discipline.  Here are some tools for the first two.  The discipline you need to find yourself.

Crossfit Centurion has a great introduction page

Nerd Fitness includes Legos to keep it simple and fun

Dr. Loren Cordain is the father of the Paleo Diet

Dr. Barry Sears is the father of the Zone Diet

CrossFit Journal has a free download of a great article that explains Zone

CrossFit Journal has a free download of a great article about the glycemic index

                                                        Here is Mark Sisson's simple explanation of why
                                                        you should understand the glycemic index and that all
                                                        calories are not created equally.

Eating right while working patrol or in the jail is extra challenging.  One of the best resources for inspiration is to ask to look at what a successful Paleo eater packs in their lunch. No matter where you work packing a lunch is the best antidote to making bad eating decisions. If you didn't pack your lunch you usually do best by going to a grocery store, along with the officer safety advantage of knowing what you are eating and that nobody has messed with your food.

Paleo Plan has some guides for things to buy at grocery stores. On 82 and the West side there are Trader Joe's. Here is Paleo Plan's guide for TJ's.

Getting your whole family to eat right is important and makes it more likely that you will succeed.  Here are some resources to help.  Nom Nom Paleo actually helps get your kids eating better.

Nom Nom Paleo

Oregon City CrossFit's Jen Ceregino has lots of Paleo ideas


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