Monday, December 29, 2014

Hollow Rocks and Some Rowing


PVC warmup

EMOM 5 minutes:
10 squats
Rest at the bottom of the squat

EMOM 5 minutes:
30 seconds of hollow rocks


10 rounds on the C2 rower of:
Pull a sub-1:25/500-m pace for as long as possible
Rest 3 minutes
Scale pace as needed so that first interval can be maintained for approximately 1 minute.

Three attempts for best distance of:

3 pulls on the C2

With the rower stopped completely and zeroed out, give three pulls on the rower and then allow the rower to come to a stop and note your distance.  Give this three tries to see how much power you can generate.

Things are more than a little crazy out there. BE CAREFUL AND BE READY.

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